eCal - Electronic Calendaring, Archiving and Alerts

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ESAC's Electronic Calendaring, Archiving and Alerts (eCal) is a secure, permission-based, online system provided on a self-serve Software as a Service (SaaS) basis and designed to facilitate more efficient and reliable state PEO regulatory compliance. To be used by PEO compliance staff or trusted advisors who wish to better serve their PEO clients, eCal saves time and helps eliminate citations and fines due to errors and omissions.

Multi-state compliance is complex and expensive. eCal facilitates PEO compliance by providing:

  • All applicable PEO regulatory requirements
  • Step-by-step instructions, reporting forms, reference materials and contact information
  • Calendaring of important regulatory reporting deadlines and tasks specific to those deadlines
  • Archiving of compliance related communications, filings, notes or other documents to help preserve important institutional knowledge and save time on future compliance tasks
  • Automated email alerts of upcoming deadlines and tasks
  • Customized management reports to be shared with up-line managers and PEO executives
  • Unlimited, permission-based user access to help securely manage and track compliance
  • Seamless connectivity to NAPEO's regulatory database (for NAPEO members)
  • Assistance with initial set-up and user training
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Important: eCal is a tool to help PEOs and their trusted advisors identify, schedule and complete state PEO regulatory compliance tasks in an efficient and reliable manner. eCal does not cover all aspects of a PEO’s obligations under applicable city, county, state and federal law. If you have a legal question, you should consult an experienced industry attorney. eCal does not provide legal advice or practice law.